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Blue Lodge Masonry
The first three degrees in masonry are considered "Blue Lodge Masonry."   It is essentially the beginning of the masonic journey.   After attaining the first three degrees and becoming a Master Mason, you can then decide to go further into masonry by joining the York Rite, or Scottish Rite.   Many masons, however never advance further, wishing not to go beyond the 3rd degree.

To become a Freemason, the man must of age, which in Ohio is 19 years old.   He must ASK to become a member of a Lodge, as our fraternity does not go seeking new members.   So, if you never understood why your uncle never asked you to join, it is because it is left up to you to show interest.
Once you ask, and fill out the petition, an investigating committee will be assigned to do a background check on you.   This will include several members meeting with you and discussing the reason you wish to join.   It is also a perfect time to ask any questions you may have, and will allow you to get to meet some of your future Lodge brethren.   Often, the brethren will meet with you at your home.   Your wife will also have the chance to meet the brethren, as she will undoubtedly have some questions of her own.

If the investigating committee finds that you meet the criteria to become a brother mason, this information is passed on to the Lodge brethren where a vote will be taken.   The vote must be unanimous for you to gain entrance into the brotherhood.   Brethren voting are warned not to allow personal prejudice to influence their vote, but to only consider if the petitioner would add to the fraternity.   Once elected to receive the three degrees in masonry, the petitioner is notified when to appear for his first, or Entered Apprentice degree.

Without giving too much away, the candidate will be blindfolded, or "hoodwinked."   There is nothing to fear here!   The candidate is then led through the degree work by a trusted brother, who will guide him through the degree.   The candidate, being unable to see,  must listen attentively as the degree is conferred, thus contemplating what is presented to him.   The degrees are designed to get the candidate to consider the importance of such things as his own existence, his belief in the existence in HIS God, and his purpose here on earth.

Through the conferral of the first three degrees, the candidate gets a better understanding of things that so many simply take for granted.   As he progresses, he grows both spiritually  and morally.  Upon completing all three degrees and becoming a Master Mason, he can then decide if he wishes to proceed further into other masonic bodies or not.   Either way, once a Master Mason, he can then assist is conferring degrees on newer members of the fraternity.

The important thing to realize about Freemasonry, and life in general, is that we never stop learning.   There is always a way to improve oneself.   Perhaps that is one of the many lessons we are taught!   Should you wish to become a member of the fraternity, simply contact any member in an area Lodge.   Most Lodges now have websites, so the information should be readily available.   If you need assistance, send me an email at and I will attempt to assist you in finding a local Lodge.