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Behind Closed Doors

by Scott Garan on 04/23/12

I find it interesting that so many people can judge something they know nothing about.   I suppose it is human nature.   “If I don’t know about it, then it’s wrong.”   Freemasonry is no exception.

The origins of Freemasonry are still being debated, and it is quit possible that it’s beginnings will never be found.   There have been many different theories on how Freemasonry came to be, yet at this time, there has been nothing found which PROVES it.  

The rituals practiced within Freemasonry have however, basically remained the same since 1717 when the first Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons was founded in London.   These rituals, or the conferring of degrees, essentially gives the candidate lessons in life to ponder.   Kind of like “why are we here, and how can we improve ourselves and those about us.”   The secrecy exists essentially to allow each candidate to experience these lessons on his own, without outside influence by someone that has already been through the degree.   It allows the candidate to make up his own mind about such things.

The secrecy, however, makes some believe that there MUST be something bad happening behind those closed doors.   In fact, this is why not everyone that petitions a Lodge can gain admission.   The investigation into a potential candidate “weeds out” those that do not look favorably on the institution, and allows admission to those who are of the quality that can add to the fraternity.

Again, the conspiracy theorists assume it is for evil intentions, not good.   That however, is simply life.   There are those that think religion is good and others that think it is bad.   The same is true with politics.   While most agree it is a necessity, still anarchists believe that theirs is a better way of life.   Good and evil does exist.   Once again however, it is often ignorance and fear of a subject that makes those suspect only bad intent.   Say what you will about my fraternity, but I will remain steadfast.  


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