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by Scott Garan on 04/24/12

I received a message from someone in response to one of my posts on Freemasonry.   Here is a quote from the sender: “Secrecy in any organization breeds corruption. How the hell are you going to make statements about something even members of the organization know nothing about. This isn’t some harmless altruistic society… it’s made up of the elite who only seek to consolidate power.”  

Once again, the sender based his opinion on myths and conspiracies instead of facts about the fraternity.   Now, I have had the opportunity to look at the sender’s page, and discovered that he is only 21 years old and a student.   I bring this up because of his statement that “[s]ecracy in any organization breeds corruption.”   Statements such as this simply show that he has little experience in life at such a young age.   This is an almost childlike statement, and does not show a true grasp of the real world.   I am not saying that he is at fault, but that life as a student can be somewhat unrealistic.   Student’s learn utopian concepts and how great life “could be if only…”   Unfortunately, life in the real world isn’t that way.

This brings to mind an interview with I spy I once saw where he said the following.   “You need men like me doing things you don’t know about, because the other side has men doing the same thing.   You have to give up some of your rights to protect the rights you have.”   While this is a bitter pill to swallow, it is reality.   There are people out there that want to kill us, and no amount of wishing otherwise will make them go away.   To think that we can live in a world without secrets is simply an impossibility.

This is only important as far as masonry is concerned as the sender, once again not knowing the facts, assumes that our order somehow acts as puppet masters for the world pulling the strings behind the scenes.   In fact, I recently saw a post by another conspiracy theorist that indicated both Iran and the U.S. are secretly working together to control the world and our cold war is simply made up.   Wow, that requires a lot of imagination.   Once again however, it shows that failing to grasp the realities of the world can cause some to invent an alternate reality.   One that bends the truth to fit the picture they have in their minds.   Having your mind made up about something you do not know can be a dangerous thing.

Do powerful people meet and do things that influence our daily lives?   Yes!   There are men and women that do things that manipulate such things as the stock market or gas prices.   To think otherwise would be burying your head in the sand.  My point however, is that their is no “secret organization” that does this.   There is no “New World Order” being forced upon people by the Masonic community.

Now, I must admit that I am posting this to those that have some interest in Freemasonry but have not made up their minds that we are an evil empire.   Those that have already came to this conclusion will simply brush this off as one of the Brother Masons spewing ant-anti-masonry to cloud the real issue that we in fact do control the world.

So, I will simply say that I enjoy the anti-masonic conspiracy theorists.   They provide me hours of entertainment reading what they think our diabolical plans consist of.   Now if you will excuse me, I must go count some of the Knight’s Templar gold we have stored away!


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