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A Masonic Master Plan?

by Scott Garan on 04/13/12

Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that there is some diabolical plan that the Freemasons have to control the world.   Apparently the simple fact that powerful men have belonged to the fraternity throughout history is evidence enough.

At first look, one would have to agree that there must be something about the Masonic fraternity.   There have been 18 past Presidents of the United States that were Master Masons.   Many of the founders of our nation were also Masons, including Benjamin Franklin.   Add to this numerous Captains of Industry including Henry Ford, and you can see why this theory can be made.   Yes, I agree, all of these men were powerful in their own ways.

The problem, however, lies in the age old question what came first, the chicken or the egg.   By this I simply mean, does Freemasonry make these men powerful, or does Freemasonry attract such men because of what it represents.   I submit it is the latter.

I would suggest that we can all agree that the men I have listed were brilliant in some way.   They all impacted our nation, and mankind in general.   So what is it then that these men share, and is common within the masonic community.   I believe the answer is simple.   It is the desire to improve oneself and those around us!

In fact, this is one of the basic goals of Freemasonry.   To take good men and make them better!   Each of the men I listed were really no different than other men, except they were driven.   They were willing to push themselves beyond what others were.   Let’s face it, creating a nation was a challenge that was essentially doomed for failure.   They were going up against a well organized army, with nothing but a vision.   Yet, through perseverance they won out.   It was their belief in improvement, not only for themselves but a nation, that became reality.

Freemasonry offers this to those that have the same belief.   Perhaps your goal is not to create a nation, but to maybe simply become a better family man.   The same rules apply!   Rules, taught within the masonic bodies, that allows this type of growth.

So, to those that say that Freemasons want to control the world, I am sorry to disappoint but this is simply not the case.   Freemasons, the world over do however, wish to make the world a better place.   Even if it is one family at a time!


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