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by Scott Garan on 04/24/12

I received a message from someone in response to one of my posts on Freemasonry.   Here is a quote from the sender: “Secrecy in any organization breeds corruption. How the hell are you going to make statements about something even members of the organization know nothing about. This isn’t some harmless altruistic society… it’s made up of the elite who only seek to consolidate power.”  

Once again, the sender based his opinion on myths and conspiracies instead of facts about the fraternity.   Now, I have had the opportunity to look at the sender’s page, and discovered that he is only 21 years old and a student.   I bring this up because of his statement that “[s]ecracy in any organization breeds corruption.”   Statements such as this simply show that he has little experience in life at such a young age.   This is an almost childlike statement, and does not show a true grasp of the real world.   I am not saying that he is at fault, but that life as a student can be somewhat unrealistic.   Student’s learn utopian concepts and how great life “could be if only…”   Unfortunately, life in the real world isn’t that way.

This brings to mind an interview with I spy I once saw where he said the following.   “You need men like me doing things you don’t know about, because the other side has men doing the same thing.   You have to give up some of your rights to protect the rights you have.”   While this is a bitter pill to swallow, it is reality.   There are people out there that want to kill us, and no amount of wishing otherwise will make them go away.   To think that we can live in a world without secrets is simply an impossibility.

This is only important as far as masonry is concerned as the sender, once again not knowing the facts, assumes that our order somehow acts as puppet masters for the world pulling the strings behind the scenes.   In fact, I recently saw a post by another conspiracy theorist that indicated both Iran and the U.S. are secretly working together to control the world and our cold war is simply made up.   Wow, that requires a lot of imagination.   Once again however, it shows that failing to grasp the realities of the world can cause some to invent an alternate reality.   One that bends the truth to fit the picture they have in their minds.   Having your mind made up about something you do not know can be a dangerous thing.

Do powerful people meet and do things that influence our daily lives?   Yes!   There are men and women that do things that manipulate such things as the stock market or gas prices.   To think otherwise would be burying your head in the sand.  My point however, is that their is no “secret organization” that does this.   There is no “New World Order” being forced upon people by the Masonic community.

Now, I must admit that I am posting this to those that have some interest in Freemasonry but have not made up their minds that we are an evil empire.   Those that have already came to this conclusion will simply brush this off as one of the Brother Masons spewing ant-anti-masonry to cloud the real issue that we in fact do control the world.

So, I will simply say that I enjoy the anti-masonic conspiracy theorists.   They provide me hours of entertainment reading what they think our diabolical plans consist of.   Now if you will excuse me, I must go count some of the Knight’s Templar gold we have stored away!


Behind Closed Doors

by Scott Garan on 04/23/12

I find it interesting that so many people can judge something they know nothing about.   I suppose it is human nature.   “If I don’t know about it, then it’s wrong.”   Freemasonry is no exception.

The origins of Freemasonry are still being debated, and it is quit possible that it’s beginnings will never be found.   There have been many different theories on how Freemasonry came to be, yet at this time, there has been nothing found which PROVES it.  

The rituals practiced within Freemasonry have however, basically remained the same since 1717 when the first Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons was founded in London.   These rituals, or the conferring of degrees, essentially gives the candidate lessons in life to ponder.   Kind of like “why are we here, and how can we improve ourselves and those about us.”   The secrecy exists essentially to allow each candidate to experience these lessons on his own, without outside influence by someone that has already been through the degree.   It allows the candidate to make up his own mind about such things.

The secrecy, however, makes some believe that there MUST be something bad happening behind those closed doors.   In fact, this is why not everyone that petitions a Lodge can gain admission.   The investigation into a potential candidate “weeds out” those that do not look favorably on the institution, and allows admission to those who are of the quality that can add to the fraternity.

Again, the conspiracy theorists assume it is for evil intentions, not good.   That however, is simply life.   There are those that think religion is good and others that think it is bad.   The same is true with politics.   While most agree it is a necessity, still anarchists believe that theirs is a better way of life.   Good and evil does exist.   Once again however, it is often ignorance and fear of a subject that makes those suspect only bad intent.   Say what you will about my fraternity, but I will remain steadfast.  


The Knight's Templar connection and Freemasonry

by Scott Garan on 04/17/12

What ultimately happened to the Knight’s Templar is a topic of much debate.   Initially connected to the Catholic Church, the knights were created to protect Pilgrims in the Holy Land.   The Knight’s however become very powerful and acquired much wealth, something that did not go unnoticed by King Phillip IV of France.   King Phillip, in his feud with King Edward I of England had borrowed money from the Knight’s to support the war, and now saw an opportunity to not only erase his debt, but to capture the wealth that the Knight’s held.

A plan was hatched to gain the favor of the Church by spreading lies and rumors about the order including blasphemy and sodomy.   The result was the arrest of the Templar’s and the confiscation of much of their wealth.   While many of the Knight’s were tortured and “admitted” acts of blasphemy, many of the Knight’s escaped and fled to Scotland were they supported Robert the Bruce in his battle with England at the battle of Bannockburn. 

The Templars, needing to find a new home may have found it in what has become modern day Freemasonry.   The Templars had waged 200 plus years of espionage and counter espionage by incorporating signs and passwords as a means of verifying identification.   It is therefore believed that the origins of some of the “secret” signs used in the initiation of the Freemason candidates may have come from the remaining Templars that had found a home in Scotland.

Unfortunately, we may never find the complete origins of the development of Freemasonry as much of it had been passed on by word of mouth and has been lost over the years.   The inclusion of some of the Templar practices is certainly a possibility however, as it is a historical fact that many of the Templars escaped the inquisition.   As to the location of the missing Templar gold……that mystery remains.


A Masonic Master Plan?

by Scott Garan on 04/13/12

Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that there is some diabolical plan that the Freemasons have to control the world.   Apparently the simple fact that powerful men have belonged to the fraternity throughout history is evidence enough.

At first look, one would have to agree that there must be something about the Masonic fraternity.   There have been 18 past Presidents of the United States that were Master Masons.   Many of the founders of our nation were also Masons, including Benjamin Franklin.   Add to this numerous Captains of Industry including Henry Ford, and you can see why this theory can be made.   Yes, I agree, all of these men were powerful in their own ways.

The problem, however, lies in the age old question what came first, the chicken or the egg.   By this I simply mean, does Freemasonry make these men powerful, or does Freemasonry attract such men because of what it represents.   I submit it is the latter.

I would suggest that we can all agree that the men I have listed were brilliant in some way.   They all impacted our nation, and mankind in general.   So what is it then that these men share, and is common within the masonic community.   I believe the answer is simple.   It is the desire to improve oneself and those around us!

In fact, this is one of the basic goals of Freemasonry.   To take good men and make them better!   Each of the men I listed were really no different than other men, except they were driven.   They were willing to push themselves beyond what others were.   Let’s face it, creating a nation was a challenge that was essentially doomed for failure.   They were going up against a well organized army, with nothing but a vision.   Yet, through perseverance they won out.   It was their belief in improvement, not only for themselves but a nation, that became reality.

Freemasonry offers this to those that have the same belief.   Perhaps your goal is not to create a nation, but to maybe simply become a better family man.   The same rules apply!   Rules, taught within the masonic bodies, that allows this type of growth.

So, to those that say that Freemasons want to control the world, I am sorry to disappoint but this is simply not the case.   Freemasons, the world over do however, wish to make the world a better place.   Even if it is one family at a time!


Fear and the uneducated

by Scott Garan on 04/12/12

So, I have been looking at some recent posts, and doing some research on both freemasonry and anti-masonry.   Ironically, both masons and anti-masons want the same thing.   In essence, it is to find out what it is all about!   What is freemasonry, and how can it help me become a better man, or in the minds of the anti-mason why is it so dangerous.   The common thread, however, is knowledge of the order.

For masons, we actually join the Lodge, and EXPERIENCE what it has to offer.   We do research that is sound, and based upon information that is as accurate as history will allow.  

Many anti-masons, however, may do some research based on the historical, but also fall into the trap of finding research based upon what other anti-masons write!   This is where the real danger exists, as it does nothing but spread ignorance.   Having attained the 32 degree, I am amazed at the misinformation that is on the anti-masonry websites!  Much of it is not even close to what goes on in the Lodges.   That is not to say that some of it is right, as it is, but the majority is not base upon anything factual.

For those interested in masonry, perhaps the best way to find out more about what we do is ask.   Certainly we cannot tell everything, as part of the journey is experiencing it yourself, but general information is made readily available.

Masonry is a wonderful journey that can last a lifetime.   The friendships formed are that, TRUE FRIEND!   If you are considering joining, simply ask!